Personal Development

Who defines the limits of our dreams and ambitions?

What is the meaning we have given to our lives? Have we forgotten what we really want out of life?

Eudemonia—the state of well-being! Aristotle, the 4th century BC Greek philosopher, defined eudemonia as the state of well-being and happiness, and as the ultimate goal. Plato and Socrates -Aristotle’s Mentors- also believed that the ultimate aim a person can have is to reach the state of eudemonia

What meaning have we given to life?

Personal development involves the setting of goals that are aligned to genuine values and aspirations. On a personal note, I find spirituality and contributing to society to be my top two values. This is what gives me joy every day and reminds me that whatever my routine or my challenges might be, I must find some time to add meaning to my life. As such, personal development is a lifelong process and inner growth never stops, nor does learning and building on who we are.

Purpose is what we all look for in our life. And it is this desire and drive that plans the extent of this attainment and the steps needed. The fist step is to understand what we want. Here, clarity is a fundamental aspect of recognizing where we deserve to be.

Balance is paramount in order to reach our goals without disrupting our existing achievements. And making mistakes is part of the process! What will define us in the end will be our resilience to continue learning as we grow, and as we transform. Trust in ourselves is paramount.

Personal Experience

As some of us, at 18 years of age I had to choose what to do with the rest of my life. My father told me explicitly ‘The time has come for you to be a man of your own life and choose your path’. Great! I had no idea what is that about. It took many years, countless mistakes and setbacks just to understand what I want from life. Every few years I thought I wanted something else. When I was getting close to that I realized that this was definitely not it. The real cause of that was that I compared myself to everyone around me and to what I watched on TV. So, I decided to explore myself. Look inside and not outside. When do I feel truly fulfilled? What am I really good at? What are my unique abilities? When do I experience excitement? What would make ME happy? How do I define myself in the world? Is that the best I can be? This was and is a constantly revealing process for me. Every day I learn something new about myself. We are in motion and we have to learn to talk to our inner self, to adapt, to be flexible, to have an open mind, to pursue, to dream and to grow.


Journeys of self-realization demand we explore our inner resources and test ourselves. Some resources revolve around our network of friends, while others are more financial in nature, but all demand patience and determination. Inner reflections, though, are steeped in the unconscious, pull at our self-esteem and drain our strength.

It is for this reason that this journey is not an easy one. Our mental, emotional and physical state will be put on the line. Our social life, our relationships, our professional life—all will be brought to the fore. The key is strategy. Together, let’s create a plan. Let me push your limits. Let me remind you why you are on this journey. As co-travelers, I will share with you my personal experiences, my teachings, so that you can avoid the pitfalls. Let me assist you in doing what you were always meant to do.

To find and then release your hidden potential …

Dr. George Lagios

PhD, M.Sc. (CBT)

Dr. George Lagios holds a master’s degree in psychology, specifically in cognitive behavioural therapy, and a PhD in sexology. He is a professor of Psychosexual Therapy and author of two best sellers Would You Choose You as Your Parent? (2018) and Inside Your Mind (2020). He is also a clinical mental health counselor, psychotherapist and speaker. He has received the President’s Achievement Award from the Hellenic American Association and continues his research work on erotic desire.

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