Parents in my life

This questionnaire aims to give you an overview of the role of your parents in your life and how they influence you. When you have completed all the questions, you will receive an interpretation of your result. This interpretation is a general overview of the possible issues you face in your life, without being a valid representation of them. As with any other self-assessment tool, it is recommended that you take time to reflect deeply on the answers you have given as well as on your final interpretation of your result, adapting it to your own reality.

Fill in the following questionnaire as spontaneously as you can.

1. How much do I want to satisfy my parents in general?

2. How important is it for me to feel that my parents are pleased with me?

3. How much do my parents influence my day to day behavior?

4. How much have my parents influenced my academic decisions?

5. How much have my parents influenced my career decisions?

6. How much have my parents influenced my personal relationship decisions?

7. How important is it for me that my parents approve my significant other?

8. How important is it for my parents that I become a parent myself?

9. How important is it for my parents that I get married?

10. How intrusive do I feel my parents are in my life?

11. How often do I communicate with my parents?

12. How much do my parents really accept my own beliefs/actions?

13. How much do I feel that I have satisfied my parents until now?

14. How important is it for me that my parents approve my life choices?

The above reflects a particular moment in our lives, which means that there is a dynamic representation. All of this changes because we change with time, we learn better about ourselves, we learn better how to interpret what is happening around us and how we personally experience each experience. Everything needs to be explored in depth, which is why the results are highly indicative.

Dr. George Lagios

PhD, M.Sc. (CBT)

Dr. George Lagios holds a master’s degree in psychology, specifically in cognitive behavioural therapy, and a PhD in sexology. He is a professor of Psychosexual Therapy and author of two best sellers Would You Choose You as Your Parent? (2018) and Inside Your Mind (2020). He is also a clinical mental health counselor, psychotherapist and speaker. He has received the President’s Achievement Award from the Hellenic American Association and continues his research work on erotic desire.

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