Fill in the following questionnaire as spontaneously as you can.

1. How important is it for you to satisfy your partner during sex?

2. How often do you share your fantasies with your sexual partners?

3. How often do your fantasies involve third parties?

4. How often do you use sex toys/helps (sex toys) alone?

5. How often do you use sex toys with your partner?

6. Do you feel that in your sexual relationships so far you have been able to talk about your sexual boundaries?

7. How often do you renew the conditions under which you have sex?

8. How often do you feel the need to be inventive in sex?

9. How comfortable do you feel explaining to your partner how to best satisfy you?

10. How comfortable do you feel with making yourself comfortable in front of your partner?

11. How often do you explore new ways of self-gratification?

12. How often do you talk to your partner about your experience after sex?

13. How well do you think you know what you like and dislike about the sexual part?

14. How comfortable are you with your body and yourself during a sexual encounter?

15. Do you know if there are any limiting beliefs that deny you erotic pleasure whether you are single or in a relationship?

16. Do you know what conditions allow you to have a very intense orgasm?

17. How in tune do you think you are with your sexual identity?

18. How comfortable are you with setting boundaries in the sexual area?

19. How easily do you discern the desires of others and how they might fit in with your own?

20. How much do you enjoy the erotic part besides sex such as flirting "play" and touching?

21. Do you have an understanding of how your love life affects other areas in your life such as your professional or social life?

The above reflects a particular moment in our lives, which means that there is a dynamic representation. All of this changes because we change with time, we learn better about ourselves, we learn better how to interpret what is happening around us and how we personally experience each experience. Everything needs to be explored in depth, which is why the results are highly indicative.