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Publish Date 10/2020

Inside Your Mind



What are your most secret fantasies? “I want you to describe in detail how you had sex with an ex-boyfriend. I want to know exactly from the beginning when you went on the date, until the time you ‘came’, what happened” A different book of psychology and philosophy about love, sex and fantasy.


Each session costs 100 euros and it can be paid with credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or in cash. Crypto-currency options are also available.

This is different for every client and depends on our goals.

There is no problem if you cancel 48 hours prior to our meeting.  Unfortunately, in any other case it should be paid in full. We always respect each other’s time.

Confidentiality is the first thing we will discuss and make sure you feel safe and secure.

Our session can be video sessions, phone sessions or in person.

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